About Us

Our purpose is to create a universal uniform for our fam-ily;

a vibrant community linked by the magnetic charge of recognition and acceptance of one another. ILYBABY is the celebration of being human on a piece of rock that spins in space. No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or what you do, we want you to know you are loved!

Words from our founder Hailey Sani

“I remember when we would go on school field trips as kids, a teacher would always give the most cliché warning on the bus: “When you’re wearing your school uniform, you’re representing this school! How you act is a reflection of this institution, so behave!”. I’m here to give you the same cliché warning. Our uniform is not one you are put under, but one you choose to be in.

ILYBABY is about being a good human

It’s for kind people who approach everything they do in life with love. My only wish is that when you wear your garments, your actions reflect what this brand stands for. If you see a fellow fam-ily member wearing one of our pieces on the street, you are not strangers. You’re lucky enough not only to be alive, but to be alive at the exact same moment in life standing for the same purpose. So say hi and spread the love ❤️.”